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How our services work

1. App Design

Our product team will walk you through our library of features that you can include in your custom app.

2. Add Content

We will integrate your educational resources and branding into the app you designed with our help.

3. Publish + Promote

We publish and support your new app while also ensuring you have materials to promote it effectively.

What you can create with our services

Sports Program Apps

Ensure your text and video support resources reach your target audience by packaging them up into a custom branded mobile app designed for practical on-field use. Include additional utility features that will help coaches and program leaders build their own plans, find new drills, keep notes, and stay organized. This will help ensure they deliver an on-field experience that keeps kids coming back.

Coach Training Apps

Train, develop, and certify more community coaches. We will help you utilize mobile learning to create a more accessible entry-point in your coaching development pathway. Through gamification and personalized content delivery, our features allow coaches to organically educate themselves through weekly app usage during the season. This provides a less time-consuming and more scalable training solution compared to in-person clinics.

Sport Promotion Apps

Improve your promotional campaigns by offering players and parents a fun way to engage in components of your program at home. Through features that facilitate active participation, social sharing, weekly challenges, and achievement tracking, you can amplify awareness of your new program and increase registration.

3D Augmented Reality Content

Stop re-creating expensive skill instruction videos every time you get a new sponsor. Use our library of custom 3D skill technique animations to create engaging skill instruction experiences in your app that can have logo's swapped with the click of a button. Our animations produced in-house using motion capture allow viewers to dive in deeper when breaking down a skill into its finer points and bring them to life anywhere through augmented reality.

Additional customization options we offer

✓ Gate your mobile app behind a member login screen that integrates with your current member registration system.

✓ Integrate one or more of our custom features into your pre-existing mobile app. Additional fees may apply.

✓ If you need a feature we do not have in our library we can build custom features. Additional fees may apply.

✓ 3D content customization options so your sponsors can create their own unique look. Additional fees may apply.

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